So, you are at work sitting at a desk for hours on end.  You back is aching.  The pain might be in your mid back or perhaps it might be in your low back.  Shoot, it could be neck pain and related headaches.

Don’t lose hope!  You can make it through the day and maybe even lose some of that tension.

Here are 5 tips you can do at work to help curb backaches until you get to see your chiropractor 😉


1. MOVE – stretch, exercise, walk, or something…

We are not designed as humans to just sit and sit and sit.  Mechanisms of discomfort and pain are put in place so that we shift the body from time to time.  Get the blood and body fluids moving by moving!

Stand-up and do some side-bends and light twists for 30 seconds.  Walk around the office for a minute or two.  Do some knee bends or take some long strides while you walk.  Touch your toes.  Reach for the sky!  Do something.  Get the heart to pump a little faster and the joints to move.

You might even feel a little ‘perked’ up after a little movement. Feel the tension dissipate with this new refreshed vigor.


Fill those lungs with air and I mean a lot of air.   Expand that chest and belly of yours to get as much air in as possible.  Slowly let it all out.  Do this 3 – 5 times.  Focus on letting your tension go.  You might feel like a newer person at the end of this exercise.

Do this exercise a few times during the day.  Really focus on letting tension go and getting your body to peace.  Feel the discomfort leave your body.


Darn, you probably thought this one might pop up, hey.  Always about the nutrition.  If you want the good life, you gotta eat better.  Food is like a drug.  No really, it is.  Put crappy processed non-nutritious food in your body for a period time and you will feel crappy.  Period.

Food changes our physiology.  Putting garbage into our bodies will leave us feeling tired and in a stooped over posture.  Not only do you feel achy internally, but then that back starts to ache or the headaches start to appear.  Maybe you get the afternoon head-bobs and have trouble staying awake or focusing.  How would that affect your work production?

Why do this to yourself?  Eat good stuff!  Better your physiology.  Better how you feel.


It is almost like economics for the body.  How do you get the most out of your body?  How do you make it last?

Chairs have evolved.  Desks have evolved.  Keyboards have evolved.  Has your work space evolved?

Many companies have designated people, or the ability to get these people in, to ergonomically optimize your work space so that it minimizes or eliminates possible workplace backaches.

Stand a lot?  What are you wearing on your feet?  Do you have good shoes or boots?  Are you wearing custom orthotics?  Having the proper gear will help in reducing stress and wear-and-tear on the body.  This will result in less aches.  Yay for not hurting!

What is your body worth to you?  Setup your workplace to mitigate wear-and-tear on your body.  You’ll be happy you did 20 years from now.


Pain is a good indicator that something is wrong.  Perhaps the pain came about from an accident and the pain was immediate.  That is called acute pain.  Not, a cute pain.

Pain that has been around for a long time and seems to come-and-go is called chronic pain.

Regardless of what has happened, both of these ‘pains’ are not desirable and should be addressed.

Backaches, neck aches and headaches are common pains seen going in to a chiropractor’s office and rarely seen going out.  Hey, don’t take that last sentence like it is just one treatment.  Some of these conditions take time to resolve.

Talk to your chiropractor about what can be done to help with your backaches/pain, headaches, or neck pain.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips.  I personally work on these daily and find them very effective in mitigating back pain.

Feel free to leave a comment below or contact me if you have any questions.