Oh man, I think I saw a few leaves that have turned yellow. I guess Autumn is around the corner. September can be a busy month for a majority of the people. Kids are going back to school. Universities and colleges are starting their new school year up. Don’t forget all the other activities and routines that begin. New schedules are appearing out of nowhere. Combine all that with weather changes and shorter days and now you’ve got an attack on your immune system.

Yep, I bet you thought it was just the cold weather that got everyone sick in the fall. Nope, a healthy immune system can ward off those bugs. You may not feel stressed, but all of shorter days, weather changes, new routines, getting up earlier, remembering to sign up for orientations, paying for activities, driving yourself or kids all over the city, etc. will have an impact on your physiology that may result in a cold.

It’s a lot for your body to take!

Are you doomed to getting a cold?

No, not doomed.

Here is what you can do to help your body!

Get the sleep you need.

I don’t mean nap during the day, but go to bed at a decent time so that you get the sleep you require, especially if you are getting up early! 7-9 hours of sleep would befit the majority of people.


Yes, you are busy in September, but eating out or prepackaged meals is not the way to go. Plan! Plan! Plan! Plan your meals in a week in advance. Use a slow cooker or casseroles when needed.

Limit alcohol intake!

Consuming too much alcohol will definitely compromise your physiology. You don’t need another stress on the body this month.

Put it all down!

You need a place where everything is mapped out. Old school is fine, write on a paper calendar of all the events. This way, you know the days, times and locations of where you need to be. Hang up the calendar in a common area in your house so that everyone in the family can see it and check it frequently. Having your activities written down somewhere you can get access to it, frees up the stress in your mind. Now you don’t have to remember what’s happening next week. Just look at the calendar and it will tell you!

Get adjusted!

I’m a chiropractor so I am a bit biased. However, research and clinical experience tells me that people who get regular adjustments and have well balance spines get sick less often. If your body is fighting back pain and imbalances, you are not at your best. And when you are not at your best, you won’t be able to fight bugs as if you were at your best.


There you have it! A few tips to think about and then put into practice to help minimize catching a cold this fall. Be sure to pass this along. It might prevent a cold.