A Calgary Chiropractor’s Pillow Review

There are many pillows a chiropractor can recommend to you.  There are tons out there on the market.  Some for stomach sleepers, side sleepers and back sleepers.

Here is what a PILLOW should do for you, 2 principles:

  1. It should provide support for your head and neck in any position you are sleeping in.
  2. The pillow should be comfortable.  If the pillow is not comfortable, then that pillow is probably not for you.


Types of Pillows

  • Memory Foam Pillows – made from polyurethane and other chemicals to provide a “viscoelastic” property allow it to mold to the shape of the body.
    • Great support.  Some people may find it too hot.


  • Curved Pillows – These pillows are curved shaped, may be made from a variety of materials.
    • Great for support when lying on your back.


  • Water Pillow – Composed of synthetic material with a bladder underneath.
    • Offers support in any position due to the fluidity of the water.


What Pillow Do I Use?

I have used memory foam pillows and found that they are too hot for me.  When I am sleeping, I want my head to be cradled in a nice fluffy pillow that is not going to cause me to overheat.

The curved pillows are great when you are sleeping on your back, but when you sleep on your side, the distance from your neck to the bed changes.  Something the curved pillows don’t do.

I recommend the water pillow as, by itself, can act as a regular pillow.  However, the bladder allows customization by accommodating varying amounts of water.

Want a softer pillow?  Use less water!

Want a firmer pillow?  Add more water!

We you consider that we sleep a third of our life, it is essential that we have a good pillow!

Remember, a pillow should provide support and comfort.   Getting a pillow that works for you may help in the reduction of neck pain, back pain and even headaches.

That’s the pillow talk of the day!   Happy Sleeping!