Do  you find it hard to eat healthy?  Why is it that some people can eat healthy and not find it a hard thing to do?

How we behave is largely determined by our beliefs.  If we are eating unhealthy, it is largely because we have some beliefs that prevent us from eating healthy.  Some of these belief could be:

1) Eating healthy doesn’t taste good.

2) It takes too much planning or preparation.

3) Eating healthy costs more!

4) I don’t have time to eat healthy.

5) Eating healthy is inconvenient.

With beliefs like those, no wonder it is tough to eat healthy!

The first step to eating healthy is to plan.  If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.  It’s that simple.  Under Fun Stuff there is a meal planner.  I have laminated mine and we plan our suppers weekly.  As a result, here’s my beliefs:

1) Eating healthy recipes tastes great!

2) We buy healthy food that we want to eat and just buy the portions we want to eat.  No wasting of food equals money saved!

3) Meal planning allows us to make quick healthy recipes on the days we are rushed.  We still get to eat healthy when time is tight.

4) Having food prepared and planned is very convenient.  No more wonder what or where you are going to eat.  It’s all planned!

What foods to eat?  Check out this Calgary Chiropractic – Alkaline Foods chart from the Wild Rose Meal Plan.  My wife, Josie, and I have done this cleanse three times now.  The first time, we had trouble eating the recommended food.  It didn’t taste great and everything was so plain.  Since we have been meal planning, this last time was easy.  Many of the healthy recipes we make use the foods that are recommended!  One thing that I really like about this chart is the 80% & 20% columns of foods.

My challenge to you!  Print out the meal planner and see if you can follow a diet that is more alkaline.