Don’t you find that most of the time we human are trying to find something or someone to blame for our shortfalls?  Isn’t this so true in health?  I caught an David Suzuki article today relating to this very topic.

David SuzukiThis column is co-written by David Suzuki, an environmentalist and broadcaster, and Faisal Moola, a scientist.Article linkWouldn’t it be easier to blame a gene.  Yes, sometimes, with certain diseases, we can do this.  However, others are just too complicated and it is more about the environment you are subjecting yourself to.  What do I mean by this?  This weekend, I had a niece go in a gymnastics competition.  Now, to generally get good in gymnastics, you have to do what?  That’s right, put yourself in a gymnastics environment and practice.  Most of us walking on the beam for the first time would find it difficult.  However, putting yourself in that situation over and over, your body will adapt and you will make your balance corrections more quickly than before.  The same is true for health, mood, physical activity, learning, etc.

Put yourself in a negative stressful environment and your body is going to respond with dis-stress hormones.  Do this over and over, now you are creating a problem for your body.  This will hold true for health, negative moods, no physical activity and not learning.  The main thing is to put ourselves in a positive, nurturing, learning, challenging environment.  We want to express these genes more often and have our body excel forward.  It is a different mind set of looking over your shoulder wondering what disease is going to get you, or even worse, to sit there and wait to blame some gene for your lack of health.

Most of us will agree that lifestyle is what will funnel us into these diseases.  Not exercising, eating junk to fuel our bodies, bad relationships, negative environments, working exposed with chemicals, living in polluted areas are all contributors to negative health.  Yet, some find it so hard to get off the couch or eat more nutritiously or take time for themselves to manage stress.  The questions are:  Do you want to be healthier 5 years from now?  Yes?  What would you have to do for this to happen?  I am sure the answer is not taking more aspirin or blaming some gene or eating more chips.  Seriously!  Make a move on life for the better.  Get yourself in a positive environment and thrive!  Be proactive!