Chiropractor at Teacher's Convention

This Thursday and Friday (February 17th and 18th) I am at the Telus Convention Centre sharing chiropractic at their Trade Fair.  Many people are unsure about chiropractic and are unaware of the benefits of being under chiropractic care.  This gives an opportunity for the public to talk with a chiropractor and possibly answer some of their questions.

At this show, I am working with three other chiropractors.  Our chiropractic clinics are from various areas of Calgary, south, downtown, northwest and north.

To the right, Dr. Jodi Jackson of Brentwood Chiropractic ( posses for a picture in our booth at the Teacher’s Convention.

Today I was able to talk to many teachers regarding chiropractic and the relation of chiropractic, posture and degeneration.    It is amazing how many people blame arthritis and degeneration on being old.  My question is, how can you blame age for degeneration when you have other joints or parts of your spine the exact same age and they are not degenerative or arthritic?  You can’t!  Yes, degeneration or arthritis is wear-and-tear on your joints, however, good posture and alignment can minimize or even stop this from happening.  See your Chiropractor!

Dr. Josh Lazzari, Chiropractor in south Calgary, reaching out to communities of Acadia, Fairview, Willow Park, Maple Ridge, Bonavista, Haysboro and surrounding area.