Most people have experienced back pain.  The number is in the 70% range.  Have you had back pain?   At times it can be debilitating.

In this article, I will go over the different types of back pain that come into my office.  We will look into the reasons why people have back pain.  I’ll give some suggestions what to do about reducing and getting rid of back pain.

Types of back pain:

  1. Mechanical Back Pain:  In my office, this is the most common type of back pain that I see.  Usually the individual bent or twisted and the back went ‘out’.  Or, sitting for long periods of time can put stress on the lower back and cause this type of back pain.  Mainly, the vertebra or sacro-iliac joints have misaligned or have gotten ‘stuck’.
  2. Sciatica Back Pain:  Mainly, the pain will start in the sacro-iliac joint (butt cheek) and radiate down the back of the leg.  This type of pain is usually biomechanical in nature, meaning joints get stuck and muscles get tight.  May involve the lower back, sacrum, ilium and some muscles in the buttocks.
  3. Disc Pain:  This kind of pain/numbness is something you don’t want to have.  I suppose you don’t want to have any back pain, but when you have a disc that has bulged or ruptured and is putting pressure on a nerve root, it can be excruciating. Rarely do I see this type of condition.

Why People Get Back Pain:

Acute Back Pain

Acute back pain is when the injure comes on suddenly.  Perhaps they bent over and twisted while lifting, put on a shoe, or put a pan away.  The back pain starts right away.  This indicates and injury or an injury was very near and some ‘easy’ movement set off the back pain.

Chronic Back Pain

This type of pain is when the pain comes back over and over.  Typically, the individual is doing the same moment over and over or lack of movement for long periods of time like sitting.  Unless the cause is addressed, the pain will continue to come back over and over and most likely get worse over time.

How To Get Out of Back Pain


Some sort of treatment is going to be required.  Period.  Whether it is chiropractic, physiotherapy or some other modality, you need treatment to help out.  Next, you need to strengthen your back.  Ask your provider about exercises you can do to help out your back.

Many of my clients do not exercise.  In my opinion, some resistance exercise will go a long way in preventing back pain.  Rarely is it the fit person that comes in with a low back blowout.  It generally is the sedentary-type of people.  Many jobs are sit down jobs that creates a lot of stress on the low back.  Others have jobs where there is a repetitive type of movement that can cause injury.  And, others have jobs where there is mixed movement with heavy lifting, which also can contribute to injury.

The main thing is to be stronger than what your activities of daily living are.  Does going up and down the stairs wear you out?  Can you push the lawn mower or shovel the snow?  Does vacuuming hurt your back?

Might be time for some strength training.  Ask your provider about it and make it fun!