I use to like the simile “sleep like a baby” until I had kids.  Babies wake up too often.

I want to sleep like a log or rock… motionless.  Not that rocks or logs sleep,  it’s a metaphor.

Here are tips that will help you sleep like a rock!

Best Sleep Ever


You knew that one was going to be on there.  Yep, exercise does a few things to your body, like stresses it, then it will need to repair.  This is where a good night sleep comes in.  The more exercise, usually, the better the sleep.  When I go for a hike in the mountains, or put in a 20-30km long run in, or chase after my kids at the pool for a couple of hours, you bet I’m going to sleep well that night.

Even getting some fresh air walking around the neighbourhood for an hour or two can acquire the same effect.  Give it a try!

Do not do strenuous exercise right before bed!  With an elevated heart rate and breathing rate, it is going to take some time to calm down the body to get it to a point where it can sleep.

Switch Sides

Do you ever notice you lay on your side facing out of the bed a majority of the time when you sleep?  Yep, nobody wants to face inward and breath that stuffy air.  If you keep laying on that one side, you are going to wear it out!  So, switch sides with your partner.  It is better balance for the body.

You might find yourself saying, “Where am I?” in the morning.  Oh, that’s right, you are on the other side of the bed.  It’s all good.

Variety in bed.  Sleeping on the opposite side.

Stop Drinking Right Before Bed

Okay, a little glass of water right after you brush your teeth is fine,  but, coffee, tea or wine/beer drinkers stop drinking so much right before bed!  Night time is when the kidneys do a lot of filtering.  Excess fluids get filtered into an organ called the bladder.  When the bladder gets full and starts to stretch, nerves send a message to the brain say it is full and ready to empty.  Then you wake up from your dream of going to the bathroom and groggily make your way to the bathroom to do the business.

Caffeine and alcohol are diuretics.  Drinking beverages that contain these are not going to help the cause.

Want a sound sleep?  Drink less right before bedtime.

Get A Bed

If you sit at a desk for 8 hours a day at work, chances are you have a good chair that can adjust in different directions, heights, etc.  If you run a lot, you probably have good running shoes.  If you shop a lot, you probably have a good credit card.

Here is the thing.  We sleep 1/3 of our life.  It is the one thing we do more of anything!  Period.

Enough said!  Get a good bed!

There are foam beds, pocket coil beds, gel beds, air beds and water beds.  What you need to do is fine one that works best for you.  If you are heavier, you might want one that is a little softer.  If you are leaner, a firmer bed could be a starting point for you.

If you have slept on a good bed and like it, lift up the sheets and take a peek at the brand and model.  Buy that one or something close to it.


Now that you got the bed, you need a pillow.  You might have to go through a few to get one that is right for you.  It depends what kind of sleeper you are; back sleeper, side sleeper or stomach sleeper.  While sleeping on your stomach in not encouraged or recommended, a little tummy time is okay.

Neck pillows, memory foam, feather, regular and water pillows are just a few of the varieties that you can purchase.  Again, it is personal preference.  As long as you are not propping your neck at extreme angles, most pillows on the market should be alright to use.

I use a water pillow.  The bladder is on the bottom and a regular pillow is on top.  I like the water pillow as I can customize the hardness by adding or taking out water.  The water cradles my head and neck no matter what position I’m in.

Get Up Earlier

Many night owls sleep to double digits!  I use to be one.  Then came kids.  I never thought I would be getting up before 8am 300+ days of the year.  Even on weekends!

Because of these early mornings, I have no problem going to bed.  After 16 hours of being up, I’m ready for an 8 hour sleep!

Here is something to think about.  If you get up at 10am and go to bed 16 hours later, that is 2am.  See what you are setting yourself up for?  Seriously, get up earlier and you’ll go to bed earlier.  Your body will demand it after a few days.

Wakey wakey! Eggs and…


These are just a few tips.

What factors give you the best night sleep ever?