You started the new year with an intent to move more and eat healthier!  I know I did and 90% of the population.  We are in month two, February, and I’m starting to peter-out.  How about you?

What we need is some food-inspiration!  Or, as the Internet is calling it, foodspiration.   Well, it hasn’t happened with food, but it has happened with ‘fit’ -> fitspiration, fitspo, fitsporation.  I’m sure food is right around the corner.

Without further adieu, let’s hear it for BROCCOLI!

Fit Broccoli

My Mom told me these little guys were baby trees.  How motivating it was to get these little guys eaten!  I thought I was a giant!

The fact is, we need a nudge from time to time.  Health has many variables associated with it and nutrition is one of them.  Go to the market and buy some broccoli and snack on the little trees.  If you will, I will.  How’s that for encouragement?

Cheers from your South Calgary Family Chiropractic chiropractor!

Dr. Josh Lazzari

P.S.  Take it a step further and do a few exercises like broccoli above!