O.k., you are wicked and can’t rest!

Seriously, we need 7 – 9 hours of sleep as an adult.  I would say about 50% of new people that come into my clinic say they have trouble sleeping.  I find that very high.  We need sleep!  And I don’t want to get into the science of all this.  The purpose here is to find out and explain what is causing interrupted sleep, decrease hours of sleep and not being able to sleep.  The cool thing is that these causes are interlinked and are part of the mnemonic DREAM.  Neat, eh?!  D – Diet, R – Rest, E – Exercise, A – Attitude, M – Master System (nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves)).

How is your diet?

How is your exercise program?

How is your attitude?  Stressed?  Depressed?

Do you exercise?

Trouble sleeping?  Try exercising!  I have done my share of this and continue to exercise.  I can tell you, though, after a power day, I have no trouble sleeping at all!  With the Canadian Rockies in my backyard, I have taken people hiking up a mountain that never have and I can assure you they had no problem sleeping that night.  Sometimes, for a couple of nights in a row they have received these sleep benefits.

Here’s the problem.  Not everyone likes to exercise!  That’s too bad, because there are other benefits to exercise such as a better attitude!  Wow!  Exercise helps out with stress and depression, too.  Below are just a few articles.


  • Better sleep = more rest = better attitude for life
  • Better sleep = more rest = have energy for exercise


  • Improves sleep
  • Feel better about yourself = increased self-esteem = better attitude


  • Feeling good about yourself and life = more restful sleep at night
  • Knowing how good you will feel after exercise = more motivation to exercise

This is a positive feel back loop.  The more you do, the more it self-propels itself into motion.  Break the cycle and the opposite is true!  Folks, this is life.  Promote it!  Do the right thing!  Ask yourself, “How can I better myself today?”  Eat a little better, smile a little more, exercise a little more, go to bed a little earlier and read a good book that is going to develop some life skills!

Beneficial effects on sleep with Stretching and Exercise for postmenopausal women!

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