A big feast coming up!  Easter!  I’m not sure about you, but we usually have a turkey or ham.  Sometimes both.  Forget the chocolates, I am all about the side dishes.  You know, those awesome vegetable dishes made with aromatic vegetables and spices.

Have you ever compared a the size calories of fat to meat to vegetables?  Take a look at this.

foods in stomachIf you don’t want the calories, but want to eat a bunch, go with the VEGETABLES!  I’m glad there is a picture.  It really makes sense, doesn’t it?!

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Yummy!  Now I am hungry.  First, I’m going to pick out a recipe!

If you have a high performance car, what kind of fuel are you going to put in it?  That’s right!  HIGH PERFORMANCE FUEL!  So, you want to feel better, perform better, have more energy and sleep better… DO NOT put in junk fuel into your high performance body.  So, cut out the chips, cut out the pop, cut out the dough-nuts and start eating the good nutritious food!   Learn to make nutritious foods taste good!  Learn to cook!

Your body will love you and last longer!

Posted by the South Calgary Chiropractor at South Calgary Family Chiropractic, Dr. Josh Lazzari.


PS  Get your spine checked before the long-weekend!