Nerve Chart

Where the Nerves go!  This is a simple chart to see where the nerves go in your body!

Meal Planning Chart

Meal planning is the best way to eat balanced meals throughout the week.  If you do not plan what you are going to eat, there is a high probability that you are going to drift into a bag of chips.

Benefits of Meal Planning

  1. Buy what you need for the week!  Save money and waste less!
  2. Meals are already decided!  There is no “Honey, what are we eating tonight?” and then you order junk food in.
  3. You have all the ingredients!  Have you ever decided that you wanted to make that recipe and then found out you don’t have all the ingredients?
  4. You eat the good ingredients you like!  You are planning the meals, so obviously it is going to be stuff that you like.  Make sure it is healthy!!
  5. It works in all scenarios!  Is company coming?  No problem, plan the meals… impress them.  Picky kids?  Include them.  Making kids responsible for a meal or two while encompassing all the food groups will encourage them in forming healthy habits.
  6. It is fun!  Try new recipes.  We try to do one or two new recipes a week.  You’ll be surprised at what you can make!

8 week free reusable meal planner

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