Educated men have said that when you apply sick care to a population, the result is a “sick” population.

There’s a pill to sleep, a pill to wake, a pill for every body ache!

I am not convince this is the way to go in our health care.

I find it interesting that we will go to great lengths to get our health back if we lose it (and we should), but society, in general, will do minimal what it takes to maintain our current level of health.

Ask these 5 questions!

  1. Are you putting high performance fuel in your high performance body?
  2. How are the stress levels these days?  More importantly, how are your skills for dealing with challenging situations?
  3. Are you getting enough sleep?
  4. Is your structure (body) functioning properly?
  5. Are you moving (exercising) your body regularly?

Health care is looking at what causes good health, not what reduces symptoms of poor health.  It is a different level of thinking.  Sure, when you start eating healthy, get adequate exercise and proper rest, are able to have a positive outlook on life and make sure your spine and nervous system are function properly, symptoms generally disappear.  That is because you are now focusing on your health… caring for your health.

However, if you are not doing those things that I mentioned that promote good health and keep doing what you’ve always done, you are not going to gain health, period.

I know it sounds simple.  It is simple when you are doing it.

Health Care vs Sick Care

Less medicine cabinet and


  • getting of the couch and doing something
  • meal planning
  • reading and learn new skills dealing with challenges
  • regular chiropractic adjustments
  • adequate rest periods

What do you do to move more?

What are your favourite healthy recipes?

How do you cope with challenging situations?

I’d like to hear from you!  Feel free to reply and start a discussion!