Besides the obvious of taking a glass of water and bringing it to your mouth to drink, drinking more water can be a challenge at times. Why is that?
You forget?
There are many other beverages you’d rather consume?
It’s not enjoyable drinking water?

Pouring Water Into Glass On Blue Background

As a Chiropractor, I remind my clients that adequate water intake is beneficial for one’s health.
The benefits of drinking adequate amounts of water. Here are some benefits to consider:
1. Helps maintain the balance of body fluids.
2. Water can help control calories.
3. Helps energize muscles by maintaining balance of fluids and electrolytes.
4. Helps skin looking good.
5. Helps your kidneys.
6. Helps maintain normal bowel function.

Water is not going to win you the lottery or buy you that fancy car, but it is going to help your body and how it feels. Hey, our body is 60% water. We need it.

And we know we need it, that is not the problem.

The problem lies in remembering to drink it, making it tasty and enjoy able to drink.

How do we make anyone do anything in the 21st century?

Make it a CHALLENGE! The water CHALLENGE!

Let’s make it really easy, though. Since most other beverages do contain water (unless you’re drinking oil), we don’t have to drink just water.

So, here’s the CHALLENGE. You are going to MATCH your beverage with a glass of water.

The MATCH BEVERAGE WATER CHALLENGE requires you to drink on glass of water for every glass of beverage (that isn’t water) that you consume.
Have a coffee then down a glass of water. Have a tea then consume a glass of water.

It doesn’t matter what you are drinking. It could be beer, wine, milk, soda or juice. Have a glass of water before or after that beverage. That’s the MATCH BEVERAGE WATER CHALLENGE.

pure water is emptied into a glass of water from a pitcher. fresHere is how a typical work day goes for many:
• Coffee in the morning – many cups.
• Juice or soda at noon.
• Beer or wine after work.
• repeat the next day

Does that look somewhat familiar? Then do the MATCH BEVERAGE CHALLENGE. You don’t have to JUST drink water, but at least you are adding it into your nutrition plan.

Want to make it more flavorful?  Add a squeeze of lemon juice.