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Diluted Chemo Drugs

GMO fears

Does the shingle vaccine work?

Where am I getting those headlines?  Off  They don’t sound like fun headlines.

Einstein said, “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

Imagine if we didn’t have to worry about health!  Imagine if you were healthy all the time!

What do yo think you’d be eating?  Would you be exercising?  What would be your stress level?  How would you sleep?   How would you function?

I’m beginning to think we can’t cheat this ‘health’ thing.  I find society wants to be healthy without paying their dues.

Folks you need these 5 component of health in order to EXCEL in your health!

  1. good nutrition
  2. stress management
  3. sleeping well
  4. moderate exercising
  5. a properly functioning nervous system

Are you going to try and cheat those 5 components of health with pills?  With surgeries?

Sing this with me.

A pill to sleep,

a pill to wake,

a pill for everybody ache!

I hope you are not going to get that stuck in you head.  It’s a catchy little number, isn’t it.

For most people, the unhealthiness that they have is a result of poor lifestyle decisions.  They eat processed foods filled with chemicals and fill themselves with nutritionally poor junk.  Their bodies are stiff and sore from a lack of positive health stimulating movements.  Their stress is high and sleep is poor.  And, as a result, their back, spine and nervous system is stressed, which puts them in a positive cyclical cycle in a deteriorating downward spiral.  Then, those people hit a point where it is hard to get health back.  They are on many pills and probably have had a few surgeries.

Don’t go down that road!

Start paying your health dues now.  Adopt that healthy lifestyle and stop looking for that next fad diet, pill, lotion or potion.

I’m sorry if this sounds hard and rough.  But we all need a little kick in the pants now and again.

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Eat well, my friends!

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Dr. Josh