Last week I heard on the new about prions found in fertility hormones.

Brain-wasting prions found in

fertility hormone

“In Thursday’s issue of the journal Public Library of Science One, researchers from Canada, France and the U.S. show for the first time that prions can exist in fertility hormones derived from urine.”

O.k., so why the hype?  Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease is the result of prions.  It is a degenerative neurological disorder that is incurable and invariably fatal.  Some call it the mad cow disease of humans

On the flip side!

Did you know that chiropractic may help with infertility?  Unfortunately, many people do not know that fertility issues may be helped through Chiropractic.  Many chiropractors know this and we are not the greatest at getting this information out.  Hearing the news last week motivated me to write this to let people know that there are more options out there and Chiropractic may be one of them.  Below are a few case studies illustrating this miracle infertility to fertility.

Fighting Infertility At The Chiropractor

Resolution of Infertility in a Female Undergoing Subluxation Based Chiropractic Care: Case Report & Review of Literature; Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research 2008:  Aug 6: 1-6

Another case study resulting in a pregnancy. Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research 2003:  Dec 2: 1-7 

How is this possible?

The information to run a health body is stored up in our brain.  This information is send down our spinal cord out along the nerves to all the organs, tissues and cells… including the reproductive organs. If there is distortion or interference, this will affect fertility.

Chiropractic is a heck of a lot less expensive and less traumatic than most fertility treatments.  There is no reason a woman can’t try getting her body to work properly before she tries medical intervention.  Note that chiropractic is not a cure.