“This is NO NEW YEARS RESOlution.  This is a LIFETIME REVOlution.”

Remember way back in January when we had all those ‘good intentions’ to change our lives for the better and make some resolutions?

I do!

And now all those intentions are gone.  Perhaps just forgotten!

new years revolution chiropractic

It is halfway through the year!  It is time to ramp, re-vamp, kick start our good intentions of becoming more healthy again.

I know, it takes work.

This is why I want to share 5 key points that I use to stay on top of my game.  I am sure they can help you too!  Just watch!

Now, I can imagine some of you thinking, “Ah man, Josh. Why did you have to bring that up?  You are wrecking my summer making me think of my “good intentions” of becoming all healthy for the year.”

How about ‘healthy’ for a lifetime!  Constant reminding, action and time are needed for healthy habits to form!

Here is my 5 key points that keep me on top of my game!

1. Set a GOAL!

Yep, I bet you heard that one before.  A goal is needed.  How are you going to measure how fit or how healthy you are if you don’t have a goal.  How many cholesterol points do you want to lose?  How far do you want to be able to run?  What weight would you like?  You need an objective goal.

Sometimes my goals are an event.  For example, I might have a cycling tour or trail run coming.  I’m not too concerned about time, however, I want to participate in the event.  If I am cycling 100km, I am going to train up to that.  If I’m doing a 26km trail run, I’ll train up to that distance… sometimes more, so I know I can do it comfortably.

If you have a goal, invariably, you will have to train or practice to reach it.

This takes me to my second point!

2. Enjoy the Process!

You can learn a lot about a process.  Not only about the process of what it takes to get to your goal, but about you, too!

What are you made of?  Can you stick to it?  Do you make excuses?

Many times you will want to give up on your goals, but don’t.  Find ways to enjoy the sacrifices… not the sacrifices, but the old-bad-habits you are letting go to gain the new ones.

It’s tough.  Training for marathons in the past, the long run days I asked myself many times, “Am I enjoying this process?”


“NO”  No, I was not.  However, after the run was over… I really did enjoy the run.  I was very happy I did.

There are tricks to enjoying more of the process.  This takes me to key point number 3!

3. Work as a TEAM!

What?  Who am I working with?  My spouse?  My significant other?  Maybe it is someone I recruit?

Yes, all that!  My wife and I work together as a team to meal plan and make sure we are eating super healthy meals!  We set goals and train for them together.  Although we may not be training side-by-side, we may alternate days of training as someone needs to be there with the kids.

Don’t have a spouse or significant other?  Recruit a friend and go on a health kick together.  Join a forum with like minded people!

I was looking around for other trail runners in Calgary.  I found a website www.meetup.com and they have all kinds of groups all over the world.  I found a trail running group in Calgary.  Perfect!  Now I have met some new like minded people to help keep me on track.  We are fans for each other and offer support.

Check facebook.  Check the community newsletters.  Check the bulletin boards at community centers.

Whether it is from senior hiking to healthy cooking classes, groups are out there.  AND, they are ready to welcome new members!

One thing about these resources provide is… VARIETY!  My next key point!

4. Variety

I know some people get super hung up on a particular activity and that is fine.  However, adding a bit of variety can be of benefit.

For example, cross training different activities can balance a body out more and may decrease the incidence of injury.  If you are running, you may want to throw some gym workouts or yoga in there.

Adding different activities not only helps supporting muscles, but it can keep the “mundaneness” out of the mind.  Remember Enjoying the Process?

Learning to cook different cuisines and different types of food add variety to the palate.  In our house, we look at making a new recipe every one to two weeks.  Meal planning is great for this as you will know before hand what ingredients you need to buy before making the recipe.  Doesn’t it seem backwards to try and find a recipe with the ingredients you have?

Here is the Meal Planner I use.  Mine has been laminated it and we use fine tip washable markers so we can reuse it weekly!  Print it out and use it too!

So, now that we have variety and are working as a team (sometimes it really is me, myself and I) enjoying the process, it is time to recognize the hard work we have put and celebrate!

5. Celebrate

Did you notice I didn’t use the word “reward”?  Do you know what happens when you use that word?

That’s right!  We go back to an old habit and think it is good by calling it a “reward”.

“I’m going to reward myself with pizza and beer!” — That’s the wrong mindset we want to create.

Instead, have a celebration.  It doesn’t have to be with food.  It could be a toast at supper.  Maybe a some high-fives after a run.  Perhaps some new clothes as the belt notches tighten.

It is alright to have mini celebrations along the way.  It can keep us motivated to carry through to our goal.

After a power weekend of activities, we generally like to celebrate with a fine steak dinner that includes vegetables and sauted onions and mushrooms.  Chez moi, of course.


The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing and that is to maintain, sustain,… keep your healthy lifestyle habits motivating.

Set a goal!  Work together as a team with someone (or many).  Get some variety into your plan.  Enjoy the hard work and the learning.  Celebrate your successes!

Start today!  When January comes, you won’t regret it!