It is popping up in the news now.  Millennials should be planning a life to where they reach 100.  We are going to hear more and more of this.  The life expectancy is getting long and longer, especially if you are looking after your body.

Science is showing what we need less of as in food, inactivity and stress.  If we can move more, deal with the stresses of life and put good nutrition in our body, we are setting ourselves up for a long life.


I’ve read too many books on diets.  Which ones are the best, which ones aren’t?  That is always the question.  I believe you need to find one that aligns with your beliefs and roll with it.  I’m talking about whole natural foods, here, right!  Not the chocolate or potato chip diet.  I’m talking about veggies, fruits and meat (if you are carnivorous or omnivorous).  Real food.  Nothing that is manufactured with weird sounding chemicals.

How to Eat better!

Meal plan.  Period.

We meal plan on Friday as we get groceries on Saturday morning.  Sit down with your spouse or self and/or kids (when they are part of the planning, they will eat what they pick).  Think up of some good meals for the week.  Oh, Wednesday is busy!  Do a slow cooker meal or something that can be prepared in advance and then reheated come supper time.

Pick out some good choices for lunches and breakfast.


That was easy!

You’re STRESSING me out!

In my opinion, stress is a chronic killer.  If you are chronically/constantly stressed, you will get sick more often, feel less motivated, ache more and probably age faster.  I bet that sentence just stressed a lot of people out.

There are 2 types of stress:

Eu-stress – this is good stress.  It is like working out when you want to grow muscle.  The muscles get stressed and then adapt.  Doing puzzles is good stress for the mind.

Dis- stress- this is the bad stress.  It’s like when you get stressed out.  Living here for long periods of time is not good for the body.  It becomes over tired, the immune system is weakened and it will be hard to lose weight.

How to decrease STRESS!

This will depend on what stress you have, but as a good guideline, organizing your space and time will help immensely.  Forming good habits can also decrease stress.  Developing routines.

Really, you want to get and maintain balance in your life.

Unfortunately, sometimes life throws nasty curve balls at us, a death, a divorce, trouble with finances.  You get the idea.  The stress that comes with these incidences should be temporary.  It might take a week or two or maybe a year or two.  But we shouldn’t be day-in-day-out in stress.

  1. organize space and time
  2. declutter
  3. take on less until you’re ready/capable of taking on more


Damn that exercise.  You hear about it all over the place.  Eating healthy give you good health, but exercising give a health boost!  The benefits are huge!  Decreases stress, helps with depression, increases happiness, self confidence, better immune function.   The list goes on!

Why you are not doing it… because it is not fun when you ‘have to’ do something.  It’s like brushing teeth as a kid.  I hated it because I had to do it.  As an adult, I love brushing my teeth.  I mean, we have these fancy electric toothbrushes (who am I kidding, we bought the $20 ones, not the $200 electric toothbrushes) that massage the teeth and gums.  It feels pretty good.  And… this is a big AND, I want to brush my teeth to minimize the chance of a drill touching my tooth to round out the cavity so the dentist can fill it.  I HATE that sensation, so I brush my teeth, happily.

Carry this over to exercise.  Would you rather walk in pain with cracking knees and ankles or do you want to strengthen those legs up so they don’t hurt as much and can take on the daily stresses that knees and ankles take on during the day?  I know my answer!  I even do it for my own knee.  I have a weak right knee and it hurts when I don’t work out.  Working out and keeping it strong has allowed more more pain free time.

Find an activity you like and schedule time for it.  Shoot some hoops.  Go for a brisk walk.   Do some kettle bell exercises.  Do something.  Google and youtube have a lot of good suggestions.  In fact, subscribe to the newsletter here.   Very soon, in the near future, I will be setting up an easy exercise plan that you will want to get your hands on.  Go and subscribe so you don’t miss it!