Calgary Chiropractor Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents in Calgary

Have you been in a Car Accident?  We can help.


Chiropractic may help with your car accident injuries.

Chiropractic may help with your car accident injuries.

If you have been injured in an automobile accident in Alberta, you are entitled to accident benefits coverage regardless of whether you were at fault for the accident.

Pain from whiplash, a jerking motion of the neck during a car accident, is a common injury.  However, other strains or sprains from a car accident may result as well.

It is in your best interest to be evaluated for possible injuries as a result of a car accident.

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Chiropractic targets the affected areas to decrease pain and get the individual functioning at a pre-accident level.

Symptoms of whiplash may include but not limited to: stiff neck, sore or painful neck, pain in the upper back, hurts to turn head or look down or up, pain radiating into the arms, headaches, etc.

Symptoms of sprain/strain in other areas may include but not limited to: sore/stiff low back, sore/stiff mid back, decreased range of motion in these areas, radiating pain into the limbs as a result of the car accident, etc.

Means of Treating Whiplash, Sprains and Strains

  • Chiropractic Treatment, which may include the following.
    • Manual or instrument adjustments.
    • Muscle release
    • Stretching
    • Massage Therapy
    • Take home stretches and exercises
    • Heat and ice therapy
    • Lifestyle changes


How South Calgary Family Chiropractic can Help you!

We are setup to support you throughout your Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) claim.  We will help you with your claim and act as a liaison between you and your insurance company.