Sometimes we sit around at home and dream about scenarios that get played out our your mind and we wonder if we can actually do them!  The answer is…

One day I was out mountain biking with my cousin in the Rockies and we saw a group of runners run by while we were taking a break and enjoying the view.   I could not believe my eyes.  We were sweating and working really hard to get where we had gone.  How could these people run up this mountain and along the trail?  I mean, the loop had to be 15km!  They’re crazy!

rugged runningI often played that scenario in my mind wondering if I would ever get there.  I have.  One doesn’t merely start with a run like that.  You work up to it.  Now, I belong to a group here in Calgary called the Calgary Trail Runners.  They organize off a site called  This site is great as there are dozens of groups using the site – walking groups, dining groups, hiking groups, doing something new groups, and more!

So, if you are just sitting there, no hobbies, bored, go and try it!  This is life.  You only get one.  Begin to play out your dreams.  Start with one and go for it!  Getting up and participating is a lot healthier than sitting on the couch in a negative mood.

Benefits I have received since joining a group:

  • met new people
  • as a result, new adventures happened
  • I’m more fit
  • I look forward to the next outing
  • I am enjoying life more
  • I feel good

Dr. Josh Lazzari and South Calgary Family Chiropractic

P.S.  The answer to the question above is YES!  Yes you can!