We often blame the weather on being sick and that may be part of the puImagezzle of our illness, but it is still just a piece of the puzzle.  You may of heard of the analogy of the rats and dump.

Did the rats come first and cause the dump…


did the dump come first and then the rats came? 

Now, I live in Alberta and we are a rat free province (almost).  Our boarder patrol turns around any rat trying to sneak in.  (So, you cannot say that Alberta is dumpy.)

Obviously (I think it is obvious), it is the dump that invites the rats.  The same is true for the body and the immune system.  When the immune system goes down to the dumps, the rats… ‘er, bacteria and virus’ start showing up and begin to invade the body and then we get sick.

What causes the immune system to weaken?

  • Stress – like adapting to life (and cold weather)
  • Being lazy.
  • Improper nutrition – What fuel are you putting into your high performance machine?  And I am not asking about your Audi, Mustang or Ferrari.
  • Spinal mis-alignments!
  • Not enough sleep.
  • Over training!

Yes, getting adjusted can help your immune system!  It won’t cure you, especially if you are stressed to the hilt about not having enough time to do everything you want while sitting on the couch eating fast food in a slouchy position.  But it can help.  Many of my clients will attest that they get sick less often since they have been under chiropractic care.

If you are the why and how person,

CLICK HERE for the research!

Now, I rarely get sick.  I’m not saying I don’t, I do, but it is rare.  Ask any chiropractor how many sick days they’ve take in their practicing career and I’d expect most to count the days on their hands (the ones I know can).

Therefore, here is what needs to happen… it is a BE – DO – HAVE scenario.

Be the person who:

  • thinks about their health
  • aspires to have a long healthy live
  • wants to make decisions to support a long healthy life
  • inquires about healthy steps that they can do

Do or Act in a way how you want to “Be”:

  • shop on the perimeter of the grocery store (best foods here)
  • cancel your cable (you are too busy to watch tv)
  • apply the stress management systems you learned like breathing techniques, leaving work at work, have your family work as a team, etc.
  • get your 7-8hrs of sleep a night
  • GET ADJUSTED – keep your nervous system and spine in great shape
  • do moderate exercise on a continuous basis
  • drink more water than pop (or other junky beverages)

“Be” that person and “Do” those things and

you’ll set yourself up for HAVING  a healthy body.

We cannot have a healthy body if we don’t promote it.  I like to see people healthy.  Healthy people are usually happier, enjoying life and have great relationships with people around them.  Be the the person who is interested in their health.  Do what healthy people do and you will have the rewards they get… HEALTH!

At South Calgary Family Chiropractic, my job is to promote health.  I work with my clients, like a team, to reach their health goals.  Whether it is to get out of pain or to make lifestyle changes that promote long-term health, my interest, my job, is to help my clients get better.

Were you healthier 5 years ago than you are now?  Do you want to be healthier 5 years from now than you are today?