About Dr. Josh

I am typing this in first person because, well… it is my website.  I will give a little history of my life, hobbies and interests in hopes that you can get to know me better.

I grew up in the town of Sylvan Lake in central Alberta.  After high school, I attended the University of Calgary, Red Deer College and University of Lethbridge.  I then went to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.  (Yes, Davenport is close to the Field of Dreams.)  After graduation, I moved to Calgary.  I have worked in a variety of clinics and have finally settled down in my current location.

I met my wife in Calgary, jogging on the pathway.  We continue to lead a healthy active lifestyle along with our two daughters.

In my early years, I was a hockey player.  I played competitive hockey in Red Deer and one year with the Red Deer College Kings team, which doesn’t exist anymore.  From their, I moved my focus to mountain biking, running, triathlons and adventure racing.  Since living in Calgary and having the Rockies in our backyard, mountain type activities are the flavour of choice, hiking, scrambling, mountaineering, rock climbing, trail running, xc skiing, back-country skiing, snowshoeing, mountain biking, etc.

When I was a teenager, I discovered chiropractic.  Hockey can take a toll on the body and I have a feeling I could be paying for it later on in life.  Chiropractic helped and continues to help.

I get to see miracles everyday.  The chiropractic stories that have happened in my office are amazing.  People’s lives are changed… saved.  A life without pain or headaches/migraines or some other chronic condition is very different than dealing with those symptoms day in and day out.  My main purpose… our (you and me) main purpose is to get you feeling as best as you can and functioning to the best of your ability.  We work together as a team, here.

Do I get adjusted?  Absolutely!  I get adjusted regularly to keep me whole, healthy and living to the best of my ability.

Does my family get adjusted?  Absolutely!  Including the kids!  We have less ‘down time’ and more ‘play time’.  That is what life is all about, right?  To enjoy it!

How do I treat my clients?  When my clients come to the office, I imagine them as family.  I treat them the same way I would treat my family, with care, concern and patience.