My wife, Josie, recently ran the 2012 Boston Marathon.  I must say I am pretty proud of her.  In 2010, she qualified at the Kelowna Marathon and the following year, registered for the 2012 Boston Marathon.  In January, Josie underwent a shoulder surgery for a chronic dislocating shoulder.  With a cease running order from the surgeon for 2 to 3 months, Josie’s training went from a run to a walk.

Here is Josie’s race report.

After leaving a spring snowstorm in Calgary, we arrived in the beautiful city of Boston in gloriously warm t-shirt weather.  However, as the marathon approached, it only got warmer, unbearably so.  By the time I started at 10:40 AM, I could barely stand around in the sun without over-heating.  But I told myself, the number one priority was to enjoy the experience as having recently recovered from a shoulder surgery I was far from being in my best form.  When the gun went off, I made sure I high-fived all the kids standing in the front of the crowd.  I had never seen so many people line the streets of all these pretty little New England towns, there had to be a million spectators.  Every town, proudly supporting the marathoners with bands and DJ’s belting out motivating tunes, cheering, waving flags like I have never experienced before.  I thought this is what it must be like at the Olympics!  I just basked in its glory, taking pictures along the way of the many memorable moments.

I settled into my routine having to stop at every aid station (i.e. every mile) to drink a little Gatorade, water and douse myself with 3-4 cups of water.  Every so often the residents would have their sprinklers or fire departments their hoses where we could run through in an attempt to cool off for a few hundred meters.

It was by no means a stellar race for most marathoners, by far my slowest time too. However, my easy pace allowed to feel good in the stifling heat and to finish strongly.  It is an experience that I will always cherish and remember for the rest of my life.  If you ever have the opportunity, don’t ever let it slip by you.  Just do it…and feel like an Olympian even if it’s only for a few short hours.