March madness!  It is all around.  You have a ton of energy and are ready to get back into working out since quitting in January.  Ok, I am only assuming, but I bet some of you are like, “I didn’t even start working out in January.”

Well, we know moderate amounts of exercise can…

  • increase our energy
  • make us feel better
  • allow us to sleep better
  • lose weight
  • have stronger immunity

… and many other benefits.

I looked at this mini workout that I found.  It looks easy.  I’ve tried it.  It might be hard for some.  The “mountain climbers” might be hard for some, you can try standing and doing high knees as a substitute.

Mini workout

Don’t know what to do?  Give this mini workout a try.  It doesn’t take that long and it goes through a variety of basic exercises.

Back pain?  Better see your chiropractor first!

Brought to you by your South Calgary Family Chiropractic chiropractor, Dr. Josh Lazzari.

PS  The benefits of moderate amounts of exercise are huge!  If you are a couch potato or are unfit, it is time to make a lifestyle change.  It will make the future more enjoyable!